Olympic Discovery Trail Adventure Route

Map 1 - Highway 112 to CCC Road

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Mileage log:

Note: Mileages for the Adventure Route are approximate until all new trail segments are completed.

0.0 Highway 112. Parking just westbound off south side of highway.
0.3 Cross under powerlines, motorcycle barrier. Follows old road before turning right across clearcut and into forest. Climbs through forest for 3/4 mile.
1.0 Motorcycle barrier (cut through log). Turn left on old road.
1.2 Join CCC (3C) Road. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's, this was the original route west from the Elwha River.  Cross the road and follow new trail which climbs slowly to the south through old clearcuts.
2.0  Bridge over small stream (reliable water). This was built by the Sheriff's Chain Gang in 2008.

2.4 Start section along steep hillside with views over Lake Aldwell and across to Highway 101. Large rocks had to be blasted or moved to build this section.
2.9 Cross old road. Trail continues ahead, or follow road downhill 100 yards to rejoin CCC Road.
3.1  Old road. Turn left and rejoin CCC Road, turn right to follow trail on road.
3.3  Road to right. Continue straight.
3.9  Reliable water source from culvert under road. Must be filtered or purified. Within a tenth of a mile is an overlook south to the Elwha Valley and Indian Creek.