Olympic Discovery Trail Adventure Route

Map 2 - CCC Road to Eden Valley Road

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Mileage log:

Note: Mileages for the Adventure Route are approximate until all new trail segments are completed.

Note: The CCC Road is not accessible from Highway 101 to the south, and none of the connecting roads shown are open to the public. The CCC Road can be accessed for foot and bicycle traffic at its west end: westbound on Highway 101 turn right on the unpaved road 0.2 miles west of Granny's Cafe (Joyce Access Road). In a quarter mile just past the bridge, climb over "tank trap" ditches and find the old road to the right. It is mostly unmaintained single-track or rough road until the junction with the ODT.
3.9  Reliable water source from culvert under road. Must be filtered or purified. Within a tenth of a mile is an overlook south to the Elwha Valley and Indian Creek. 
4.2 Road to left - continue straight.
4.5 Trail leaves road to right, and continues west roughly paralleling the CCC Road, crossing and briefly following several old roads.

5.8 Motorcycle barrier. This barrier exists because the trail originally connected to the CCC Road near here. Trail continues to climb and switchback uphill through the forest.
6.3  Cross a stream with reliable water. Must be filtered or purified. Motorcycle barrier shortly beyond, and trail exits forest into old clearcut.
6.4  Turn left onto unpaved road.
6.5  Two road spurs to the left within a tenth of a mile - continue straight.
6.7 Road to right- continue straight.
6.8 Road to left- continue straight.
7.1 Road to right - continue straight.
7.2  Gate and junction with Eden Valley Road at the end of its pavement. This point can be accessed from Highway 112 to the north.
Continue across road for ODT trail to west.