Olympic Discovery Trail Adventure Route

Map 4 - 4000 Road to Joyce Access Road

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Mileage log:

Note: The trail is  not accessible from Wasankari or Graul-Ramapo Roads to the north due to private land.

Much of this section follows the Joyce Access Road, which is open to cars. It can be accessed from the north in Joyce just west of Crescent School, or from the south off Highway 101 just west of Granny's Cafe.

10.1 Trail junction to left, motorcycle barrier.

10.9 Bear Creek. Reliable water - must be filtered or purified.

11.3 Graul-Ramapo Road with motorcycle barriers above and below the road. Trail continues fifty yards east on the road. It then climbs several switchbacks, climbs along the side of the hill, then switchbacks again to reach the Joyce Access Road.

12.2 Joyce Access Road. There is limited parking near the trailhead. Turn right on the road and follow it three miles.

15.2 Road junction. Turn left off Joyce Access Road for the trail.

15.4 Trailhead and motorcycle barrier. Limited parking near the trailhead.