Olympic Discovery Trail Adventure Route

Map 5 - Joyce Access Road to Joyce-Piedmont Road

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Mileage log:

Park on side road off Joyce Access Road (near 15.4), or 1/4 mile south of trail crossing on Joyce-Piedmont Road.

15.2 Road junction. Turn left off Joyce Access Road for the trail.

15.4 Trailhead and motorcycle barrier. Limited parking near the trailhead.

17.6 Whiskey Creek. The impressive switchbacks and bridge here were built by the Sherriff's Chain Gang. There is a horse ford just north of the bridge. Reliable water - must be filtered or purified.

17.9 Cross an old road, motorcycle barriers on each side. This road is not accessible from Joyce Piedmont Road.

18.0 Creek with reliable water. Must be filtered or purified.

19.1 Cross Joyce-Piedmont Road, motorcycle barriers. Parking is 1/4 mile south on the right side.

19.3 Creek crossing - reliable water, must be filtered or purified. This is the last reliable water source for the next three miles going west.

19.4 Horse trail climbs uphill to left on old road, rejoining the biker/hiker trail in about a mile. Horse riders are requested to use this route.